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After Jonathan the high priest was captured by Tryphon and a portion of his host slain, Israel was in great lamentation. And having no captain, the nations ( The Greeks)  sought to destroy us. Then Simon, brother of Jonathan and son of Mattathias, took notice of the people’s trembling and fear and stood up to exhort Israel (1 maccabees 13:1-3).


Simon, the wisest of his brothers (1 Maccabees 2:64), revived the spirit of the children of Israel and they in turn made him their captain (1 maccabees 13:8-9), so Simon took all the men of war and fortified the walls of Jerusalem. 


Tryphon took a great host with him to invade Judea, having Jonathan with him. Simon therefore pitched tents at Adida over against the plain; and Tryphon knowing that Simon meant to join battle with him, decided to send messengers unto him. (1 maccabees 13:12-14).


The messengers told Simon that Jonathan was in holding because of monies owed to the king’s treasure; in an attempt to deceive Simon (1 maccabees 13:15-16).


Simon perceived the deceit and sent what Tryphon demanded lest he be blamed for the death of his brother. However, Tryphon did not let Jonathan go; and attempted to out maneuver Simon and his host to invade the city, but Simon marched against him wherever he went; to prevent him (1 maccabees 13:19-20).


Now wicked men that built and fortified a towere in Jerusalem required that Tryphon bring them rations; and Tryphon would have sent horsemen that night, but a snow storm prevented them. Tryphon decided to travel to Galaad; and when he was near to Bascama, he killed Jonathan and buried him. Tryphon then returned to his own land (1 maccabees 13:21-24).


Simon retrieved the bones and buried Jonathan with his family and all Israel lamented for Jonathan.


As Simon continued to build strongholds in Judea, Tryphon deceitfully overcame young king Antiochus and killed; crowning himself king over Asia and brought great calamity upon the land.


Simon, being a wise man, sent unto king Darius for immunity of debts and taxes on the bases of Tryphon’s acts which was to spoil. (1 maccabees 13:32-34). 


This act removed the yoke of the heathen that was on us (1 maccabees 13:41).


After these things, Simon the high priest camped against Gaza and besieged it round about and invaded the city; to the extent that the people pleaded with Simon to deal with them according to his mercy. Simon did so and took control of the city and cleansed it. It was a victory for us (1 maccabees 13:45-47).


The wicked men in the tower at Jerusalem also were kept in straitly by Simon, dying for lack of food. They pleaded with Simon, who then let them depart from the tower and then cleansed it. Another great and tactful victory for the nation of Israel . (1 maccabees 13:49-50).


1 Maccabees 13:51-52


“And entered into it the three and twentieth day of the second month in the hundred seventy and first year, with thanksgiving, and branches of palm trees, and with harps, and cymbals, and with viols, and hymns, and songs: because there was destroyed a great enemy out of Israel.



He ordained also that that day should be kept every year with gladness. Moreover the hill of the temple that was by the tower he made stronger than it was, and there he dwelt himself with his company.”


On this day, the children of Israel ( So called Blacks and Hispanics)  observe the wise and mighty of our forefathers; In redeeming our lands, cleansing our cities. We should keep this day with gladness as commanded by Simon the high priest; not as a Sabbath day, because such statutes were not commanded us regarding this memorial. But feasting and gladness.


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