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Elder BarakShar - Shalom Brothers and Sisters I am the Elder and founder of Future
World of Israel. I am married to my beautiful wife Ahrayal and mother of my three

I was called in this marvelous truth in the early 90’s by the Lord to serve in Spirit
and in Truth. With that being said I initially learned from the Elders in Harlem,
New York (known as the Seven). My sole intention as I was growing in this truth
was to further the So Called Blacks, Natives and Hispanics of Negroid and Indian
descent in repentance through the Messiah – ( The Christ) . To this day my intent
and focus remains the same; to further the children of Israel in our communities
throughout the world via the scriptures.

I am humbled to be called in this Truth. “ Jeremiah 3:15- And I will give you
pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and

Throughout the years I have been able to frequent different cities and countries
and establish different organizations spreading the gospel. Also throughout my
journey I have encountered many Brothers & Sisters in this walk and also endured
spiritual battle scars through various trials and tribulations. They have made me
spiritually stronger in the mercy of the LORD. Ecclesiasticus 2:1- “My son if thou
come to serve the LORD prepare thy soul for temptation.”

This truth is about exhalting our Lord and Saviour the Christ as the israelites.
Make no mistake about that. Again I am honored that I am able to be in the
vineyard doing the work of the LORD; and being utilized to rejuvenate the
mindsets of the nation of Israel in the faith of Christ. The journey and the work of
the Lord continues in spreading the gospel and the gathering of the nation of
Israel in spirit and in truth.

Elder BarakShar


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